Best Triangle Face Hairstyles For Men

Best Triangle Face Hairstyles For Men 2021

Triangle Face Shape Hairstyles For Men

Everyone on the earth has a different pattern of body, different shape of their face and so they have to make a different choice to impose themselves in an attractive and hottest look.

When we talk about hairstyles, there are lots of hairstyles trending accordingly to the face cut and its shape. Like with oval shape, a rectangular shape there are a bunch of hairstyles for those people.

Also, when it’s about a triangular face shape guy, that’s not a big concern to get a proper haircut and style accordingly.

The triangular face shape has a prominent jawline that can be easily noticed by others. The jawline is wider than the cheekbones. These all attributes give a big-boned look to the person with its features. You could look attractive and sexy with those promotion jawlines and that face shape, but you can also enhance the look and get alluring attention by keeping a proper hairstyle with the triangular face shape. You could be the sexiest Between people by your appropriate hairstyles.

It is known that a guy with a triangular face shape and prominent jawline would look nice with medium-length hair. What the chronology is, all you have to impose your facial texture by growing the top hair as per the width of your jawline.

Keeping top hair long with medium length sides hair, you can have the best look appropriately. It is also important that not to keep short fades on the side because it makes you look asymmetric With your face shape.

Also, the jawline is more prominent and noticeable, try to have it cleanly shaven. Guys with triangular-shaped faces are eye-catchy so, it’s very necessary to get a suitable hairstyle to look more alluring and attractive.

Here are some hairstyles, suggested for a triangular-shaped face.

Fringe Up Hairstyle

best triangle face shape hairstyles for men 2021

This one is the better option to get a more attractive face with a prominent jawline. If you want to balance the width at the top of your head and the jawline then, this style will be more suitable. Most of the guys got a dilemma while getting a cut according to their triangular shape face, but this heavy-width hair on top can make you look appropriate with the face cut.

Avoid getting too much short hair on the sides since this will make it look narrower. Always keep long hair or medium length hair from top to side which enhances and balances your look.

Side Fringe

Side Fringe

Side Fringe is another most appreciated style that can create an illusion of copying a square face shape. This is dense and longer side hair with a heavy top that widens the upper part of your head with respect to the triangular shape and makes it more compatible.

Mid Fade with Angular Fringe

Mid Fade with Angular Fringe

If you want to get a look like a square or round face, you can try this hairstyle. This haircut gives you an illusion of having a wide forehead and this helps in balancing it with your wider jawline. Never forget to keep longer hair on the top and faded on the sides.

Instead of keeping short hair on the sides, choose faded, it will give imposing structure with your jawline. It can be a bet one of more acceptable hairstyles for triangular shape face men.

Side Part

side part hairstyles

Side parted is not so old among people, since this is still in trend and craze. If you want to keep this hairstyle make sure that the sides are not too short in order to make your forehead wider and accordingly to your prominent jawline.

Textured Pompadour

triangular face shape hairstyles

This Textured Pompadour cut is perfect for those who have a wider jawline or high cheekbones. It will also be remaining to keep sides hair medium and not too short to look imbalance via having a wider jawline and narrower forehead. So keep top hair long and sides medium or long to look balanced with your triangular shape face.

You should be knowing how to get familiar and play with the style and discover a new trick to look more attractive and create an illusion of width and height

Curly Hair


A guy with curly hair is always an eye catchy, but it is also true that having curly hair is not an easy task to keep them maintained as per facial texture. In the case of a triangular shape face guy, having curly hair is not a curse but a blessing to optimize the look with a lot of tries and styles.

Curly hair suits on triangular faces guy. This Curly Top style has more dominant or expressed curly hair on the top and the sides are lesser or short than others. You can also have that undercut but avoid too short hair on the sides. This will be more confidential and easy to get hairstyle for triangular shape face men.

Quiff Haircut

quiff haircut

The quiff has another range of trends and transformations. Having this hairstyle, you can have a great volume of hair on the top of your skull which makes your triangular shape face look rounder and balance with the wider jawline. Keep the sides hair a little longer over your ears and add some volume in them too.

Comb Over

Comb Over

This hairstyle is known for creating a perfect symmetry between your forehead and your jawline which is wider than your head. In this style, the sides make the forehead look wider.

Crew Cut

hair style for triangular face male

The crew cut is now more in trend and appreciated by teenagers and men with a prominent jawline. Basically, this hairstyle fits any face shape, so it is also more compatible with a triangular-shaped face. In this cut, the hair is cut normally, short all over. The sides and the back can have the same length of hair where the top has a little longer hair. So these are the most trendy and cool hairstyles for triangular shape face men.

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