Best Cornrows for Men 2024-Top Braids for Men in 2024

Best Cornrows for Men 2024-Top Braids for Men in 2024

Cornrow Braids for Men 2024

Cornrows have been a timeless hairstyle that blends cultural heritage with modern fashion. As we move into 2024, the popularity of cornrows continues to rise, with more men embracing this versatile and stylish look. Whether you’re new to cornrows or a seasoned pro, there are plenty of exciting trends to explore this year.

History of Cornrows

History of Cornrows-1

Cornrows have their roots in Africa, where they were not only a hairstyle but also a form of art and a symbol of identity. Over time, they have evolved and adapted to various cultures and fashion trends, becoming a staple in modern hairstyling.

Why Cornrows Are Popular Among

Men are increasingly choosing cornrows for their unique blend of style, versatility, and practicality. They are low-maintenance, which makes them perfect for busy lifestyles, and they also protect the hair, reducing the risk of damage.

Choosing the Right Cornrow Style

When selecting a cornrow style, consider your face shape, hair type, and personal preferences. The right style will complement your features and suit your lifestyle.

Trending Cornrow Styles for Men in 2024

Classic Straight Backs

Classic Straight Backs

This timeless style involves braiding the hair straight back from the forehead to the nape. It’s simple, clean, and suits most face shapes.

Zig-Zag Cornrows

man with Zigzag Cornrows

Zig-zag cornrows add a twist to the traditional straight backs, creating a dynamic and eye-catching look.

Two-Strand Twists with Cornrows

Two-Strand Twist with Cornrows men

Combining two-strand twists with cornrows offers a textured, layered look that stands out.

Cornrows with Fade

Cornrows with Fade

Adding a fade to your cornrows creates a sharp, modern look that’s perfect for the fashion-forward man.

Intricate Geometric Patterns

man with Geometric Cornrows 2024

For those who want to make a bold statement, intricate geometric patterns offer a unique and artistic flair.

Cornrows with Beads

Cornrows with Beads

Incorporating beads into your cornrows adds a touch of personalization and cultural richness.

How to Maintain Cornrows

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your cornrows looking fresh. Regular washing, conditioning, and scalp care are essential, along with timely retouching and rebraiding.

Cornrows and Professional Settings

Cornrows can be worn in professional settings with the right styling. Opt for neat, simple designs and ensure your hair is well-maintained.

DIY Cornrows vs. Professional Braiding

While DIY cornrows can be cost-effective, professional braiding ensures a polished and long-lasting look. If you choose to braid at home, follow tutorials and practice patience.

Caring for Your Hair After Cornrows

Once you remove your cornrows, it’s important to care for your hair to prevent damage. Moisturize and condition your hair, and consider taking a break before transitioning to a new style.

Cornrows and Cultural Appreciation

Understanding the cultural significance of cornrows is crucial. Appreciate and respect the history behind the style to avoid cultural appropriation.

Influence of Celebrities on Cornrow Trends

Travis Scott and ASAP Rocky hairstyles

Celebrities like Travis Scott and ASAP Rocky have popularized cornrows, influencing trends and inspiring fans to try out new styles.

Cornrows for Different Age Groups

Cornrows are suitable for all ages. Young boys, teenagers, and adults can all find styles that work for them, from simple designs to more intricate patterns.

Cornrows and Sports

Athletes often prefer cornrows for their practicality and style. They keep the hair neat and out of the way during physical activities.

Innovative Cornrow Techniques

2024 brings new braiding techniques and the incorporation of colors and accessories, allowing for even more creativity and personalization.


Cornrows are a versatile and stylish choice for men in 2024. With so many trends and options to choose from, there’s a cornrow style for everyone. Embrace this timeless hairstyle and find the look that suits you best.


How long do cornrows typically last?

Cornrows can last anywhere from two to six weeks, depending on how well you maintain them and your hair’s growth rate.

Are cornrows suitable for all hair types?

Yes, cornrows can be done on various hair types, though they hold best in textured hair.

Can I wash my hair with cornrows?

Yes, you can wash your hair with cornrows, but be gentle to avoid frizzing and loosening the braids.

How do I prevent my cornrows from frizzing?

Regularly moisturize your scalp and hair, and sleep with a satin or silk scarf to reduce friction.

What are some common mistakes to avoid with cornrows?

Avoid braiding too tightly, as this can cause tension and breakage. Also, ensure your hair is clean and conditioned before braiding.

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